How do I tell my parents?

For many teenage girls, the biggest obstacle is telling her parents. It is normal to feel guilt and shame right now.

“I shouldn’t be pregnant”. “I’ve done something really wrong”. “My parents are going to kill me”

Every time you think of telling your parents you freeze. Waiting can also cause complications. This is not something you can hide forever…

You need to make decisions about school and visit the doctor.

Here are 10 Tips on how to tell your parents

10 Tips on How to tell your Parents


The longer you put off telling them the harder it will become. 

Remember, pregnancy doesn’t stop just because you are scared.


If you don’t have a great relationship with your parents, practice on someone close to you. Like a friend, sister, aunt or grandparent.


The simplest way is always the best but choose a time when you know that you’ll have time to talk about it. Don’t say it in passing and rush off, and don’t say it in anger during an argument.


Don’t beat around the bush.

Be clear, calm and straightforward, “Mom, Dad, I’m pregnant.”


It is normal for parents to be angry, upset and disappointed when hearing this news.

That’s OK. Allow them their feelings.


In the shock of the moment things can be said that you might find hurtful.

Don’t take it personally. Even parents can react badly.


Words like “abortion” and “adoption” might come up.

It is better to wait until everyone is calmer before talking about your choices.


Some parents might try to pressure you to do something you don’t want to do.

Remember, you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If in doubt, talk to someone you trust.


If possible, talk to your parents with your partner. Not only do you have support, but it shows a level of maturity from both of you.


Finally, and only you will have to live with all your choices for the rest of your life, so think carefully about what is right for you.

Check out your options and role models

If you find yourself in a bad place after telling your parents, don’t think you have to do this on your own.

There is support out there, so don’t think you are alone or rush to do anything you will regret later.


Here are Actual stories

I told my dad

I just sat down with my dad and told him “Daddy, I’m pregnant”. I cried the whole time, and my dad shouted a lot. But I had planned to run away if it didn’t go well, so I had packed some stuff before and my bf was outside. I was so ashamed I didn’t leave right away, and when he was done yelling, he calmly invited my bf in and we talked about what I my options were.

On the phone

The way i told my mom was i made a phone call to her work and told her on the phone. i wanted to tell her when she was at work so she could work her anger off. i did the same with my dad. when they both came home that night we didn’t fight or argue. we simply talked about the baby’s daddy, me as a soon to be mom, and ect… it wasn’t that bad.

I let them sleep on it

I wrote my mom a letter and left for the day, so by the time i got home that night she was sleeping, We talked it over the next morning when we were both calm and went over my options.

I could not say it

I ran away but my mom picked me up and took me home, and when I told her why I ran away from home, she told me she already knew and all I had to do is tell her. Because she made the same mistake.

My boyfriend and I did it together

We thought my mom and dad would flip out. when we told them they did not take it as bad as we thought they would.

I let my mom figure it out

One morning I walked into her room crying saying i didn’t feel well and i threw out to her that i was dizzy and i feel like throwing up and just said all the signs i could think of and sure enough she got it and is going to buy me a test today

I wrote a letter

I  was 17 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, still had 2 months of school left. So I just wrote my mom and dad a letter, that basically said, “I really love you all, and I’m going to keep up with my dreams. But some things are going to change…In about 7 months, I’m going to have a baby. Oh yeah I’m not coming back till you promise to not yell at me a lot. ” Left it on the tv and went to school.

My grandma helped

It will be the hardest sentence that will ever come out of your mouth. But it needs to be done. I told my grandmother and she relayed the message.