Maybe adoption is an option you may consider

Maybe parenting or an abortion is not for you.

There are families who really want to have a child, but cannot

Permanent taking over the parenting of a child from the birth/legal parents is known as adoption

Adoptive parents must be over the age of 25 and meet specific criteria in order to adopt a child.

Adoption vs guardianship

  • Having a friend or family member look after the child is not an adoption, this is guardianship

  • In an adoption you give up all your parental rights, in a guardianship you do not give up any parental rights

  • Adoptive parents can travel or migrate to another country without your consent or permission, guardians cannot.

What do I need to do if I choose adoption?

  • You can contact the Adoption Board of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad) or Social Welfare Office (Tobago)

  • You will need to sign a consent form, allowing the baby to be taken when you give birth.

  • You should receive counselling so that you fully understand what this all entails

  • After the delivery, the baby will be placed into the custody of caretakers assigned to the Adoption unit until he/she is adopted

Can someone from another country adopt my baby?

  • No, they cannot. At this time, only people who live in Trinidad and Tobago are allowed to apply 

Are single men allowed to adopt my baby?

  • Only if that single man is a relative of your baby, otherwise, no, they cannot.

Will I know who adopts my baby?

  • Both your identity and the identity of the adoptors remain confidential until the child reaches 18. After this time, the courts may be approached to release any information that is available. 

How do I know if my baby is safe or well taken care of by these new parents.

  • The Adoption Board checks everything from their financial security, to where they live. They will also continue to check up on the baby regularly for the first six months.  

How much does this cost?

  • There is no cost or fee, this is a free service. You will be financially responsible for any medical costs you have during your pregnancy.

Can I change my mind after signing the consent form?

  • Yes you can change your mind. Some mothers have changed their minds after giving birth.

Will I get into trouble for changing my mind?

  • No you will not. They understand that some women form a bond with their baby during the pregnancy, or that your situation or attitude may have changed.