You are not the first person to think about having an abortion, and you won’t be the last.

Maybe you can end this pregnancy and nobody will find out.

Someone has suggested what you can do or where you can go…

Ending a pregnancy is called having an abortion, and is usually performed before the 23rd week.

Abortions are illegal in Trinidad and Tobago except in the case of threat to the life or health of the pregnant woman.

Illegal abortions are also called unsafe or backstreet abortions. These are performed by:

  • people lacking in the necessary medical skills

  • people working in a place lacking in minimal medical standards

  • unclean or unhygienic conditions

  • no medically approved post-operation attention

  • people trying to make money fast

 One in eight pregnancy related deaths around the world are because of illegal, unsafe or backyard abortions

Persons found breaking this law will get the following prison sentence:

  • 4 years for the woman attempting to have or having an abortion

  • 4 years for the doctor or person performing the abortion

  • 2 years for anyone facilitating the abortion; that means, purchasing or supplying the pills or instruments

Over the counter drugs, local concoctions or actions that may cause a miscarriage:

There are some over the counter drugs or other local concoctions that have been used to cause a miscarriage or self performed abortions. If used incorrectly this can cause

  • severe revealed hemorrhage (vaginal loss of blood)
  • severe concealed hemorrhage (bleeding within the abdomen or uterus)
  • death to the mother or
  • babies born with the absence of limbs and/or skull bones

Consult a doctor to determine if your life or health is at risk because of your pregnancy.

If you do qualify to legally have an abortion performed, take every precaution to ensure that it is not unsafe, and have a trusted friend accompany you.