What is this feeling?


Since I found out that I am pregnant, I've been feeling really sad.

I don't know how to handle this, sometimes I even think about harming myself or the baby.

Is this normal?

What can I do about this?

Many women have negative feelings about being pregnant, even when the baby is planned.

We all go through many different emotions in our daily lives, add the pregnancy hormones shooting through your body and now things seem out of your control. Especially the dark or sad ones.

It is normal when faced with something you are not sure you can handle to become overwhelmed.

It is also normal to become a little crazy as the reality starts to sink in. Suddenly you are going to have a baby! How do you tell your parents? How is my life going to change? The father is acting a fool! What are my choices or options?

How do you know if your feelings are signs of a depression and not the normal part of pregnancy?
  • If you feel down for two weeks or more

  • If you are not interested in things you used to be interested in, such as fun activities, friends or schoolwork

  • If you feel extremely guilty about getting pregnant

  • If you appetite suddenly changes on the extreme, either you do not want to eat, or suddenly you eat and eat and eat.

  • You cannot sleep

  • You have crazy mood swings

  • Any feeling that seems to be extreme

  • Thoughts of suicide

  • Thoughts of harming yourself or the baby

If this sounds familiar talk to someone now!

  • Discuss with your doctor, a counselor or others going through the same thing as you.

Do not keep these feelings to yourself. This helps you get control of them and taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your baby.

You should also know that depression can last after the baby is born.

Crisis Hotline Numbrs


AIDS Hotline Port of Spain 
— 800 4HIV 
— 625 2437 

Alcoholics Anonymous Northern Intergroup 
— 662 4829, 640 5305, 679 0066 

Port-of-Spain Intergroup 
— 628-2288 

Southern Intergroup 
— 657-6367, 677-6856 

B2B Intergroup 
— 620 2580, 650 1692 

— 639 9121, 660 5668 

800 4321 
(toll free) 

Rebirth House - drug rehabilitation 
— 623 0952 

Rape Crisis Society

Port of Spain 
— 622 7273 
San Fernando 
— 657 5355 

Domestic Violence Hotline 
— 800 SAVE or 
— 800 7283 

— 645 2800 
— 645 6616 

Families in Action 
— 628 2333 
— 622 6952 

Heal Drug Rehab Centre

— 679 2616 

The Informative Breastfeeding Service 
— 628 8234 

The Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society 
— 800 TTCS (8827) 
(toll free) 

Loveuntil Foundation 
—800-HELP (4357) 8 am – 6 pm 
—626-1800 6 pm till 

The People's Hotline 
— 623 4929