Maybe Parenting is the Right Option for You?

You are ready to become a mom

This is either your first time or you are adding to a growing family

Parenting is the rearing of a child or children, especially the care, love and guidance which prepares them for life as adults

This is the hardest job in the world, with the most responsibilities for no pay.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parenting

  • Parenting is hard work but it brings many rewards.

  • Being a parent can be exciting, help you grow, understand yourself better, and enhance your life.

  • Parents can feel delight at their child's accomplishments

  • A love and bond like no other.


  • Parents often give up a lot for their children.

  • Meeting a child's needs can be very challenging and expensive.

  • Parents deal with less sleep and less time to do the things they need and want to do.

  • Having children can also put a parent's school plans or career on hold.

  • Many people find that having a child can test even the most patient, logical and sane person.

  • And if you are single parenting, you may find it more difficult to find and keep a relationship.

  • If you already have children, you know firsthand both the joys and challenges parenting can bring.

  • A child will change your life, whether it is your first child or not.


If you don't have any children, talking with other parents about their daily lives with their children may help give you an idea about what you could expect.- .


What do I need to do if I choose parenting?

  • You should begin antenatal natal care (doctor/clinic) as soon as possible.

  • Decide when to announce your pregnancy.  

  • Avoid pregnancy no-nos like cigarettes, too much caffeine, some medications and alcohol. 

  • Brace yourself for body changes, a big belly and bigger breasts aren't the only things to look out for.

  • Follow your baby's development and what you should expect every week here 

  • Start thinking of baby names


How will parenting change my life?

  • Your relationships with your friends, family and partner will change. This will depend on how supportive they are to your decision.

  • Many moms admit there is a transfer of love and attention to baby from friends and family, after baby is born.

  • You will need to take time off (maternity leave) from work or school

  • You may have to drop certain hobbies

  • Your interests and priorities may change to baby related activities.


Can I travel during pregnancy?

  • Yes you can, but make sure you travel safely.

  • Be aware of airline policies that prohibit flying late in pregnancy. 


Are pets safe?

  • It depends on the pet, let your doctor know what type of pet you have and  follow all his instructions


How do I know for sure parenting is for me?

  • When you think about all your option, do you feel there is no other choice? Then this is for you.