Zika is sexually transmitted!


You are pregnant, and doing everything you can to keep you and your baby safe from the Zika, but did you know it is also sexually transmitted? 

The CDC  has confirmed that the Zika virus RNA has been detected in semen up to 62 days after the onset of symptoms. This means that skin to skin lovin with your boy can hurt your baby's development if he/she is infected. 

On July 7th TnT confirmed 115 cases, but lets be honest, not everyone gets tested, and sometimes symptoms are so mild it goes unchecked... So let us assume that there are more cases out there unconfirmed. You got tested, but did your partner also get tested?

What can you do?

1. Gentleman - Get tested!

  • Have that Zika test done (clinic or doctor's office, you have no excuse)

2. Regular mosquito safety 

  • You know... all that other stuff you should be doing already. Mosquito coils, nets, replants, clear drains and gutters, covering containers, keep yard or environs clean and reducing mosquito breeding grounds. 

3. Condomize, every time!

  • From start to finish, use a condom
  • This includes vaginal, anal, and oral sex, or

3. Abstain

  • For at least 6 months

Those are your 3 options... so get comfortable purchasing your condoms and insisting on them being used, or a 6 month dry spell. 

If you thinking one time won't hurt, or maybe this doesn't affect you; do you really want to risk the health of your unborn baby? For the rest of their life? With mental, physical and medical challenges? All of which could have been prevented by saying "no glove no love" or no to that b***job?



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  • March 27, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    This blew my mind. Thanks


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