How did this happen?

The facts & myths about sex

If you are like most people, you got your first set of info about sex, birth control or pregnancy from someone who heard it from their older brother, sister or cousin? You know… Somebody reliable! Unfortunately, there is a lot of untruths mixed in with the facts.

These are called Myths. 

Get the Facts here and see local myths people have been repeating for years:

Local Myths about Getting Pregnant

A girl can’t get pregnant when she has sex for the first time
A woman who is ovulating can get pregnant on her very first time having sex, regardless of her age or sexual history

If a guy doesn’t cum or ejaculate during intercourse, a girl can’t get pregnant

This is not impossible as men often release a small amount of semen or pre-cum before ejaculation. This semen contains sperm and can get a woman pregnant.If a guy pulls out before ejaculating, a girl will not get pregnant
Withdrawing or pulling out of the vagina before the guy has an orgasm is the same as above. Pre-cum can get you pregnant.If a girl has sex during her period, she can’t get pregnant
There is less risk of pregnancy but because an egg may still be in the Fallopian tubes, there is no guarantee as sperm can survive up to a week inside the female.If a girl has sex on her “safe days” there is no chance of getting pregnant
Sperm can survive inside of a woman up to one week, and because every woman’s menstruation cycle is different this will not guarantee that you will not get pregnant.You can’t get pregnant if you do it upside down.
Although very imaginative, this is not true. Sperm are very strong swimmers

Two condoms are better than one
Using two condoms at the same time will increase the friction and cause them both to break.

You can use someone else’s birth control pills before having sex and you won’t get pregnant
Taking anybody’s medication is dangerous because you can have an allergic reaction. Birth control pills also need to be used for one full month as prescribed to become effective.

The birth-control pill can be used after sex to prevent pregnancy.
Birth control pills need to be used for one full month as prescribed to become effective. It can take up to one complete menstrual cycle before you can rely on the pill’s ability to prevent pregnancy.

A girl can’t get pregnant if she washed out her vagina with water or a bleach solution after sex.
Washing out or Douching does not prevent pregnancy. The sperm enters the cervix which is out of reach of any type of liquid, even if you stand on your head.

Jumping up and down or sitting on the toilet after sex will prevent pregnancy
Letting gravity pull semen out of your body after sex does not remove the sperm that has already entered the cervix. In fact this run-off is natural because the female body cannot absorb this fluid.

You cannot get pregnant if you have sex in a shower, pool, sea or any body of water.
Having sex in water will force water into your vagina, but this will have no effect on the sperm its ability to get you pregnant.

If a guy masturbates before sex it weakens the sperm and you can’t get pregnant.
It is possible that this will cause your guy to eject less sperm. But because the average sperm count is 500 million and it only takes one (1) to do the job, this will not prevent you from getting pregnant

A girl cannot get pregnant if she does not have an orgasm.
Pregnancy happens when the sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg, and has nothing to do with having orgasms.

Pregnancy will not occur if the woman is standing up or on top.
The position you are in makes no difference. Vaginal sex in any position has a risk of pregnancy.