Dad gets those pregnancy hormones too

Sure, you’re the one with the growing baby bump, but strange things are happening to dad-to-be also. Your partner has his own set of changes happening inside his body. Discovering they’ll soon be bringing home a baby, causes real, physical changes in dads too.

The facts

Scientists began analyzing the samples collected from dads-to-be, and discovered some pretty interesting things: Early on in pregnancy – soon after learning that they are going to be a dad – men showed a significant drop in testosterone and increased levels of cortisol. The researchers clarified that the hormone drop was worth discussing, yes, but it was not anything they would officially classify as “low testosterone.”

“Other studies have shown that men’s hormones change once they become fathers, but our findings suggest that these changes may begin even earlier, during the transition to fatherhood,” said Dr. Robin Edelstein, lead author of the study, told Medical News Today.

What they mean

The researchers weren’t sure why men experienced these hormonal changes alongside their pregnant wives, but they did offer a few guesses.

A decrease in testosterone, for example, could help ensure that dad is more nurturing to both mom and baby. An increase in cortisol, on the other hand, could give him the boost he needs to help get his life, home and finances fit for baby.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, this study serves as a gentle reminder to all expectant moms: As women, we certainly bear the brunt of pregnancy, labor and delivery, but our partners are in this too. Bringing a new life into the world is as scary, amazing and joyful as it gets. Let’s not deny the changes our partners are experiencing right alongside us.

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